Application state variables

The following variables define the application state and are set in the url of the web page.

state variable name location type example default description
city param string zurich zurich city for which data is being shown
fountain_id var string q72592 none unique identifier for fountain selected, if any
mode var string map/details/route map application mode (determines which panels are visible)
search_txt var string kluspla none filter text
search_cat var list [well, favorite] [] filter categories that can be toggled on/off
hide_list var bool true/false true in mobile mode, hide list by default
lang var string en/de/fr en language of app

App state propagation

A service watches the url parameters and updates the internal state variables. The application data manager and view manager watch the state variables for changes and make modifications to the view and data, respectively. Individual components watch the data for changes and update independently.